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WayFinder Specialist Employment Service at Landmarks Specialist College

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01246 768388

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Wayfinder Specialist Employment Service

6 Market Street



S21 4EH

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WayFinder Specialist Employment Service is dedicated to supporting people with learning difficulties and disabilities into employment. We play a key role in assisting learners on Landmarks Specialist College’s Employability Pathway to develop the skills needed to secure work.


WayFinder aims to help people with additional needs and disabilities to overcome barriers to employment via Supported Internship pathways.


A Supported Internship is a programme funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency for adults with special educational needs who want to gain experience in the world of work.


Each Intern will be fully supported by a Job Coach until such time that they can work independently.


This Programme aims to give the Intern real work experience that could possibly lead to voluntary or paid employment.

Who can access our support:

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We support individuals aged between 16-25 with an Education &Health Care Plan (EHCP)

What the organisation does:

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Who do we work with?

Landmarks Specialist College primarily supports learners with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), learning difficulties, and disabilities, who have an EHCP. We provide specialised education and support tailored to the individual needs of each learner, helping them achieve their academic and personal goals.

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How to Join us?

Apply via our website -


Or call us on 01246 433788

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What areas of South Yorkshire do we cover?

We currently support learners from all South Yorkshire regions via one of our campuses in either Rotherham or Eckington.

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Where and how do we support people?

As above

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Can we offer support to employers?

Yes, the WayFinder Specialist Employment Team support employers with training, risk assessments, job coaches, adaptive equipment and resources, and in-work support after an offer of employment is made.

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When are we open?

Monday to Friday - 9:15am – 3:30pm

Term Time Only

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Any other information:

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