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BMBC: Supported Employment Service

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01226 774528

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Westgate Plaza One



S70 2DR

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Facebook - Barnsley Council

LinkedIn - Barnsley Council

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Our friendly team helps people with learning disabilities, learning difficulties or autism to learn new skills and flourish in the workplace.

We can help you to find and keep a job or volunteering role that you enjoy.


Our support includes:

  • help to find out what kind of job would be good for you

  • training so you can build basic skills that employers value

  • travel training

  • job searching tips

  • support to write your CV and prepare for interviews

  • job coaching and support at work so you can learn your role

  • chances to meet local employers that offer work experience, taster shifts or working interviews

Who can access our support:

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We support anyone who has a learning difficulty, learning disability, Autism/ADHD/Neurodiverse or may have had a EHCP to support with learning and aged 18+


No rules around status or funding but we do have different programmes which require people to be unemployed and looking for work. This does not mean that support is different, just how people are enrolled.


Our service provides long term support to meet the client needs on their journey and once in employment people may remain on caseload for years after job coaching is finished on a monitoring basis to help them maintain their employment, in some cases job coaches are reintroduced to support future upskilling in progression to other roles.

What the organisation does:

Further information:

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Who do we work with?

We support anyone who has a learning difficulty, learning disability, Autism/ADHD/Neurodiverse or may have had a EHCP to support with learning.


We work with people aged 18+


We work with people who are unemployed or economically inactive, claiming benefits but also support people who are in employment.


We support people who would like to work or those who would like to volunteer.

11. How do you join us.png

How to Join us?

Zero cost


People can be referred in by a professional or advisor or they are free to self refer using our referral form which can be downloaded or emailed out.


Referral form attached

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What areas of South Yorkshire do we cover?

We provide support to those living in the Barnsley borough and some areas of Sheffield and Rotherham who come under Barnsley Council tax area, but can work throughout South & West Yorkshire if needed when providing in work support with an employer if the participant has found employment out of area.


We work in partnership across South Yorkshire to deliver LSE provision with delivery partners in Sheffield and Doncaster to participants under those Local Authorities.


We look to work in places accessible to the individual.

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Where and how do we support people?

Our service is delivered by a team of Coordinators across the wider Barnsley borough who can meet at the clients home or will book a space in a public building or one of our offices suitable for the individuals needs. 


Meeting with coordinators is to help the individual understand what support we can offer and decide the next steps to develop an action plan and vocational profile.


During support we have a team of job coaches who may facilitate group work or 1-1 activities in looking to access employment or volunteering opportunities but they also provide in work support along side the individual in helping them learn a job in placement or employed roles.


We are a free service and Do Not require funding to be accessed to be able to have our support.

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Can we offer support to employers?

We provide Employer Engagement with support to modify recruitment, modify roles or create job carved/ niche roles. This reduces recruitment costs and can help retention.


We can provide ongoing support to the employer in working with participants/employees to maintain employment.


We provide guidance and support around health and safety.


We provide guidance and support around learning barriers.


We can look to adapt workplace materials, simplification of information, colour coding or suggest supportive processes.


We provide Job Coaches in the work place to enable employees/participants to undertake induction and understand expectations, rules and regulations, learn the job role reducing the organisation resource input whilst tailoring support to the individuals needs through TSI enabling attainment of skills, supporting the individual to build workplace relationships and embed into workplace dynamics to become an independent part of the team.

If you are an employer. You can find out more information here at: 

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When are we open?

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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Any other information:

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