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Stride Yorkshire – Specialist Mentoring and Employment Support

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Stride Yorkshire.

Balby Court Business Campus 

Balby Carr Bank


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Facebook - Stride Yorkshire

Instagram - Stride Yorkshire

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Specialist 1-1 mentoring for adults with a social / learning disability, focusing on:

  • Mental and physical health

  • Employment

  • Education

  • Social development

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Independent Travel

  • Understanding your condition

  • Coping strategies

  • Overcoming barriers

  • Daily living skills

Career/Employment Support, focusing on:


  • Job Coaching

  • In work mentoring

  • Training with the workplace / employer

  • Liaising with an employer to help make changes or reasonable adjustments

  • Coping strategies support

Who can access our support:

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Must be 18+ and have a diagnosed social / learning disability.


We can support until we are no longer required, i.e. you are as independent as possible, and have met your goals such as employment. Goals may change over time, and we can adapt with this.

What the organisation does:

Further information:

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Who do we work with?

Adults (18+) with autism (or other social conditions) and / or learning disabilities. This can be in combination with other disabilities / conditions.


People don’t need to be actively looking for, or in work, work may be a long term goal that we can aim towards over a long period of time. We can also support people that are looking for work, and people that are already in work. Our mentoring support helps people at all stages of their journey, and our ‘job coaching’ and ‘coping strategies’ support is perfect for those already in work, or about to start.

11. How do you join us.png

How to Join us?

For our mentoring service, people must apply for a personal budget, and be Allocated to Doncaster’s Community Adult Learning Disability Team (CALDT). This is subject to a financial assessment which may (not always) lead to personal contributions being made to Doncaster Council, this is based on an affordability assessment.


Our in work support (job coaching, coping strategies) is funded through the Access to Work grant scheme.


People can either be referred or self refer, by either putting in an enquiry on our website, or emailing directly. From this, a member of our team would come out to do a free consultation.

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What areas of South Yorkshire do we cover?

Doncaster, with scope to expand to Sheffield and Rotherham throughout 2024.

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Where and how do we support people?

Our support is bespoke in as close to all aspects as possible. This includes the location of mentoring.


We prefer face-face, but in some circumstances, virtual can be considered.


We can meet in your home, a local Café or library, or even in our office if it is available. This depends on your preferences, needs and goals.

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Can we offer support to employers?

  • Free neurodiversity training (for understanding neurodiverse staff members or customers)

  • Free person-centred training (we can help the employer to understand the needs of a specific staff member that is also a Stride client)

  • Free occupational therapy input i.e. assessments for any Stride clients in the workplace, as well as ‘coping strategies sessions’

  • Job coaches, usually matched to the specific type of work. For example, in a café we would make sure our job coach has the relevant experience in hospitality, as well as understanding of neurodiverse conditions. Job coach is there to support not only the staff member, but the employer to. 

15. When are we open.png

When are we open?

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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Any other information:

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