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The Sheffield College - Supported Internships

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Facebook - The Sheffield College

Twitter - @sheffcol

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The Sheffield College has a number of study programmes that support progression into employment. They also support the development of skills for independence and life.


The study programmes include:


  • Employability skill development

  • Support in how to look for work

  • Experience of work including work related activity and work placements

  • Support on work placements and help finding an appropriate work placement

Who can access our support:

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For Supported Internships a young person must have an active EHCP.


Most study programmes are for one year but there is flexibility. All study programmes commence in September. We do not usually take referrals in year, but this can be discussed in certain circumstances.

Supported Internships are for one academic year.


The recruitment process for Internships is robust and a young person will be at the end of their post 16 journey and wanting to progress into employment.

What the organisation does:

Further information:

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Who do we work with?

We support young people with autism


We support a number of young people who are high needs and have a range of disabilities including autism, ADHD, physical disabilities. We have an experienced curriculum and SEND team who offer dedicated support.


We work with young people 16 – 19 and young people 19+ with an active EHCP.


We work with young people who are still in post 16 education and not in employment. We are working towards a progression into employment, supported employment, volunteering and to be able to access the community.

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How to Join us?

Young people are usually referred by school or another post 16 provider

Young people can self-refer and can be referred via parents/carers.

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What areas of South Yorkshire do we cover?

Young people are predominantly from Sheffield but do access our provision from around south Yorkshire


For 24/25 the following will be available at the campuses below:


Hillsborough Campus: Introduction to Workskills, Supported Workskills, Supported Internships


Peaks Campus: Introduction to Workskills, Supported Workskills, Level 1 Skills for Living and Work and Supported Internships

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Where and how do we support people?

We deliver study programmes including Introduction to Workskills, Supported Workskills, Level 1 Skills for Living and Work and Supported Internships.

These are 1 year study programmes with progression opportunities. They include work related activity and work placements.

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Can we offer support to employers?

We have a dedicated Job Coach and Work Based Tutor who work on our Supported Internship Programme.


Support from DFN for employers on the Supported Internship programme.


We have a dedication member of staff who works on our Supported Workskills programmes to support young people on work placements


LSA support for young people to help them transition to a work placement


A dedicated Work Related Activity Team who work with employers and support with health and safety checks

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When are we open?

Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm

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Any other information:

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