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Colorful Book Spines

In this video Shaun Webster MBE talks about

how video CVs can make applying for jobs

more accessible and can greatly benefit

people and employers.

In this video, Shaun Webster MBEgives some advice as to how to make a good video CV


My Employment Plan

A tool created by people with lived experience and employment organisations across South Yorkshire to help a person and their employer talk about and

agree things that might help them both in the work place.


Download the free resource here!

The Suit Works


The Suit Works are charity based in Sheffield run by a small team of staff, a board of trustees and volunteers, supported by local and national businesses and organisations.  They help and support unemployed people of all ages who are trying to get into work by giving them a styling session and smart interview appropriate clothing when they have the offer of a job interview and they do not have, or are unable to afford to buy anything suitable


They believe that giving clients a styling session and beautiful, good quality, clothing to attend their interview has a transformative effect on them and can significantly impact on their self esteem and self respect.


This service is an important step for clients to help them in breaking down barriers to employment.


Suit Works can also help them to prepare by giving them some informal interview skills training at the same time covering aspects such as body language, grooming, dealing with nerves and preparation or practical skills which may include something as simple as how to iron a shirt.


For details of other services including, workshops, corporate presentations or one to one client mentoring please contact them on 07468 464776

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