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Men at Work

The focus and aim from the very beginning was to be an online flexible learning provider

EDLounge is a registered training provider. We offer adult and 16+ qualifications for apprenticeships, in local and national businesses. 


We are proud to employ six local apprentices. We also employ two full-time staff members who have learning disabilities. Jonathan is autistic, and Richard has Down Syndrome. 


Jonathan and Richard test lessons, games and our education software. They also assist the team with filing, greeting guests, making brews, shredding data and performing general customer service tasks.


Both have been working for us for over a year now. Both bring so much to EDLounge and EDClass; their shyness at the start has transformed into confidence.


“I love seeing all my friends at work and I want to stay here all the time. I’ve got friends like Wes, Megan, Paige, Cara, Amelia and Sam. I find all sorts of bugs and use programs to help us.”


“I love working here and testing lessons and I like spending time with the friendly people that work here. I’m also gaining good work experience here and I would like to refurb our PCs with a deep clean. I would also love to work for GB rail freight in the future as I love trains.”

For Dexx, we simply filmed and produced the video showing what Lewis had achieved at the centre and have supported Dexx for everything they needed. 


 As a result, Lewis has completed his qualification with Dexx and is now in employment with James Medlam at Elite Energy Yorkshire.


 We have funding available for Apprenticeships so if you are interested in how we can support you please get in touch.


Apprenticeships can be used to upskill existing staff or for new apprentices into your workforce.


We currently have over 60 apprenticeships in the following apprenticeship available:


  • ​Business Admin Level 3      

  • Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3      

  • Leadership and Management Level 5      

  • Property Maintenance Level 4      

  • Customer Service Level 2      

  • Software Tester Level 4      

  • Digital Marketer Level 3      

  • Data Analyst Level 4      

  • Information Systems Business Analyst Level 4      

  • Freight Forwarding Level 3      

  • Cyber security technician Level 3      

  • Cyber security technologist Level 4      

  • Junior Content Producer Level 3      

  • Accounts or finance assistant Level 2      

  • Beauty Therapist Level 2      

  • Hairdressing Level 2 and Level 3

  • Barbering Level 2


​Find out more:

EDLounge Richard & Jonathan

EDLounge Richard & Jonathan

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