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The Dexx Life Skills Centre is a non-profit social enterprise working to support people with learning disabilities and autistic people. The enterprise runs out of our commercial business (Dexx Family Activity Centre) which provides a number of volunteering and work experience opportunities, and the potential of paid employment opportunities, if and when the person is ready.

We use a person-centred approach meaning that nobody's pathway is the same and instead each individual has a development plan tailored to what they want to learn. Due to the real-life business element of our offer, individuals can try out various roles, finding what sort of work they most enjoy. For example, if someone is interested in catering, we can offer experience working in a café. If someone is interested in sports, we have activities to marshal and sessions to help coach. And if someone is interested in customer service they can help on the reception desk meeting, greeting and signing customers in. This is just a few examples but it really could be anything from admin, maintenance, merchandise printing, money handling, cleaning, social media marketing, kids party planning etc...

As well as the work experience side of things, we believe that education, health and social inclusion is all massively important towards an individual’s personal development too. This is why when we aren't open to the public, we help people gain qualifications suited to their pathway, assist with CV writing, job searching and getting personal affairs in order. We run social sessions using our onsite activities including an onsite gym, trampoline park, mini golf course and much more. Every couple of months we also try to organise social days out doing different things all the time. All these things can be great way to meet new people, socialise and stay active.

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