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We are a social enterprise that provides unique opportunities for our people to develop fundamental life skills and provide work experience

We are a social enterprise, providing a unique opportunity for people to develop life skills and gain work experience. This enables our service users to start on their individual pathway to employment.


We provide a range of work environments in our offer. These include a trampoline and scooter park, a café and a printing & merchandising suite. Having this choice allows us to offer a purposeful work experience. Individuals can try out various roles, finding what sort of work they most enjoy. For example - if someone is interested in catering, we can offer experience working in a café with paying customers. 


George is currently working in the kitchen and cafe at Dexx.


Initially, George started cooking for and serving our people that attend the life skills day service. “I started coming to Dexx to gain work experience in the cafe. I also enjoy working on reception, helping with printing work and working in the woodwork shop.”


George’s social confidence has come on hugely since he started attending Dexx. 


“The staff have also been helping me with travel training as I’m currently trying to get better at travelling alone. I was let down a lot in the past by the standard college system because of the lack of one-to-one support available to me. However, since starting here my confidence in doing stuff alone is much better. I also now come in and gain paid work on Wednesday night when Dexx is open to the public and love it.”

Roger’s life has also been transformed by attending Dexx.


"I have been going to the Dexx Life Skills Centre for almost two years now. I go into the centre on Mondays and Tuesdays to gain in house work experience.”


We have supported Roger to advance in his education and enter paid work.


“The staff are also helping me with my functional Maths and English. I also now go out with the Dexx Construction business to gain paid work on a Wednesday. I enjoy being out with the team on Wednesdays doing new things every day. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn a full range of different building trades which will hopefully set me up for full time work in the future.” 


Our success stories can be found here and you can find out more information about what we do here.

Dexx Life Skills

Dexx Life Skills

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